Defective Apple chargers: How to identify them and request a change

Defective Apple chargers: How to identify them and request a change


How can you know if you are among those affected who have defective Apple chargers? The Cupertino technology leader issued an alert about a series of electricity chargers that would have manufacturing defects and therefore be dangerous. The The faulty Apple chargers in question could give electric shocks and cause short circuits, so it is important to identify them and proceed to change them.

Apple itself recognized the defect that a number of its chargers have and announced a voluntary replacement program: the owner of the charger identifies it and requests the change. How to know if your Apple charger is damaged? We explain how you can identify defective Apple chargers and if necessary the procedure to request a change. As you read it: Apple changes chargers that are identified as risky, which are specifically those of a lot that was sold in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Europe, New Zealand and South Korea.

The following image explains which are the defective Apple chargers, which as you can see are the ones with a number on the back of the plug:

Defective Apple chargers can be exchanged for freeDefective Apple chargers can be exchanged for free

What problem do faulty Apple chargers cause? The company explains that plugs could break and cause electric shock if touched. These are plugs for Mac, iPhones and iPad, as well as iPods sold between 2003 and 2015. Where to request the change of Apple chargers? The company has set up this website to inform about the procedure and here it is explained in detail where and how to proceed.