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Control your Canon DSLR camera from iPhone

Many Canon EOS DSLR cameras can be controlled remotely with a Mac, or PC, through a USB connection, but the OnOne Software solution allows to control a Canon camera from the iPhone, simply by installing a simple free application on the Mac that, through Bonjour , allows to detect a handle the camera from the iPhone and iPod touch.

This application is available in two versions, Lite and Professional, priced at $ 2 and $ 20, respectively. Although the Pro version has a promotional price, at the moment, of 10 dollars.

The Pro version of this software allows you to remotely control camera settings, including shutter speed, aperture, white balance, among other things. It also allows a preview of the image on the screen of the iPhone or iPod touch, which would be a remote “Live View” mode, for cameras in the EOS range that have this feature.

OnOne has indicated that version 1.0 is only compatible with certain Canon EOS models and that future updates will add support for Nikon DSLR models. You can see a list of compatible models from here.