Connect E1, the first toothbrush with Artificial Intelligence

Connect E1, the first toothbrush with Artificial Intelligence


The uses of Artificial Intelligence are increasingly diverse: No one doubts that it is part of our day-to-day life, and therefore, it is not surprising that developments are being made aimed at our oral health. This is the case of Colgate, a company specializing in oral care, which has presented its new Colgate Connect E1 smart toothbrush, equipped with artificial intelligence. Yes, you read that correctly: This toothbrush works with an application, to make it easier and more efficient to monitor our oral hygiene.

The Colgate Connect E1 will allow users to get real-time feedback on their brushing so they can improve their oral health care. This toothbrush uses Apple ResearchKit to collect, with users ‘permission, users’ collective toothbrushing data to improve knowledge of oral care and habits and drive future innovation in dental health.

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The Colgate Connect E1 toothbrush uses Bluetooth connection and sonic vibration technology and is powered by Kolibree, the pioneer smart device company to incorporate connected toothbrushes with artificial intelligence and 3D motion sensors.

The Colgate® Smart Toothbrush will be available exclusively on and in select Apple stores beginning July 17. The recommended retail price is 99.95 euros. The Colgate Connect app is available on iOS and Android through the App Store Y Google play.