Clash Royale The 3 best decks with bandit of Clash Royale Have you ever wondered what are the best decks with bandit ...

Clash Royale The 3 best decks with bandit of Clash Royale Have you ever wondered what are the best decks with bandit …

Have you ever wondered which are the best Clash Royale bandit decks? You have to consider in this sense that we are talking about one of the favorite games of all our followers. The truth is that today we are going to analyze the best Clash Royale bandit decks, taking into account that there are many who have been asking us about it.

If we consider that when we talk about better Clash Royale bandit decks and bandit decks, we are basically referring to one of the strongest cards in the game, it is clear why it attracts so much attention. The truth is that in this article you will find 3 good decks with the Clash Royale bandit and how to play them, so read on to learn more about it.

Best decks with Clash Royale bandit

So let’s go with the list of the 3 best decks with bandit Clash Royale, the best that we can take advantage of right now taking into account the needs that our readers pose.

Mallet with bandit, golem and hound

  • Lava hound
  • Mega minion
  • Minion horde
  • Minions
  • Miner
  • Bandit
  • Poison
  • Download

This combination of cards that we have just shown you is one of the ones we like the most, and you will be able to understand its potential quickly. The first thing you have to consider is that you play with the lava hound behind, along with the mega-minion, trying to attack head-on with a bandit and the miner and poison to burn everything. It is a really complete deck that will offer you good chances of success.

Gavel with bandit, graveyard and giant

  • Cemetery
  • Bandit
  • Magician
  • Ball of fire
  • Mega minion
  • Giant
  • Barbarians
  • Download

Another really complete deck that we think every Clash Royale player should know about. In his case we find the possibility of betting on a giant attack from behind with a magician from behind and in the cemetery tower. It is a really interesting alternative, since although the bandit is not as protagonist as in other decks, we can take advantage of it both in a secondary and main role.

Mallet with bandit, montapuercos and balloon

  • Balloon
  • Skeleton army
  • Minion horde
  • Arrows
  • Valkyrie
  • Bandit
  • Ride pigs
  • Rocket

The third of the alternatives that we think you should take into account in this regard has to do directly with this combination that we have just taught you. An option for those who prefer the ice mallet is to place it in front of the Valkyrie, although that will have to be decided by you, of course.

How to use the bandit

And how to use the bandit well? Is what many will ask. You have to know then that the key is to place it inside the appropriate deck, and that is why recently we have offered you some good alternatives. The truth is that it is an extremely useful card as soon as it detects the target to which it has to cause damage, usually causing great wear and tear on it. Knowing how to surround the bandit is the key so that it becomes a 100% winning card.

What else do you want to know about the best Clash Royale bandit decks?