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Clash Royale How long is a season in Clash Royale If you usually read all our articles, you will have seen that many times …

If you usually read all our articles, you will have seen that many times we refer to Clash Royale, as one of the main games that we have to consider in these cases. The truth is that all the time we receive inquiries directly related to Clash Royale that we try to explain. Some of them have to do with very specific questions, such as How to lower drinks in Clash Royale or How to find out the passwords of tournaments in Clash Royale, but there are also more general doubts.

Precisely on the side of these general doubts, is that today we want to offer an answer to two of the main questions that users usually ask us about Clash Royale. The first one has to do with “how long is a season in Clash Royale?” and the second with “when does a season of Clash Royale end?”. As you can see, these are two queries that many users will surely have, so we are going to try to explain everything to you as soon as possible.

How long is a season in Clash Royale?

Well, if you want to know how long a season lasts in Clash Royale, the first thing you have to consider in these cases is that in Clash Royale we have a season system. When the cups are restarted, this occurs, and if we reach 4,400 trophies we will see that it returns to 4,000, because they are reset. That is, as far as we know at the moment, the duration of a season of Clash Royal is basically Always the same. At least, as long as every month the cups are reset in this game.

And what happens is that according to what the developers have announced in this regard, the cups you have will usually restart after a while. What now happens every month, now happened once every two weeks, so the duration was much shorter. In short, the duration of the seasons in Clash Royale is 1 month. If after that time you have more than 4,000 glasses, then you will see that you have 4,000 glasses again original, as we said.

If you want to know more information about it, you have to know that it is quite easy to do so, since all you have to do is enter your Clash Royale profile. Once you have logged in, you will see that it not only shows you the maximum trophies but also the current season, the league seasons, the best of the season and the previous season. Indeed, a huge amount of information directly related to your performance in this game, of course.

At the same time, you will surely remember that we ourselves had previously pointed out that the award you get for the league is the award for the highest league you have reached, even when you drop from the league that same season. And on the other hand, the legend trophies are not accumulative season after season, so always keep these elements in mind as well. As always, any questions you have in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us so we can give you a hand in this regard..

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