Clash of Clans Guide: Clash of Clans Constructor BaseClash of Clans is for many users of Android mobile devices,…

Clash of Clans Guide: Clash of Clans Constructor BaseClash of Clans is for many users of Android mobile devices,…

Clash of Clans is for many users of Android mobile devices, the best game that has been launched on the market in recent years, and the truth is that the effort that its developers make in order to always offer us the best entertainment experience is appreciated possible. Thus, Clash of Clans is presenting all the time more than interesting updates for us to consider. And some of them come with changes or broken news that we cannot lose sight of.

The first thing we should mention in this regard is that when we talk about version of Clash of Clans, some new features have arrived that surely caught their attention. And just one of the big news at that time was the builders’ base. For this reason, taking into account the comments that our readers leave us, it is that on this special occasion, we wanted to make a complete guide of the Clash of Clans constructor base so that you know its details.

Clash of Clans: base builder guide

How to reach the new builder village

Well, the first thing is to know how to reach the new builder village. It is a less complicated step by step than it seems. All you have to do, as long as you have a level 4 town hall, is repair the wrecked ship and then search for this particular new world. You will see that there you will have to start from scratch in a land but at least you will be in the place. Even if you click on the ship, you will see that there is a second village, the base of the builder.

Basically we have to say that this territory is quite similar to the main village, although there are still some differences that you should take into account. And it is that in this case, of course, there is no town hall, there is a builder’s building, and there lies one of the main differences. Beyond this, you have to consider that gold and elixir have different characteristics. Therefore, you must know each of the qualities of this village, such as the incorporation of new traps, troops such as the crusher, etc..

What is the Clock Tower?

Probably one of the most striking elements of this update has to do directly with the Clock Tower. About this we must emphasize that it is a completely free building that appears from time to time, and that can tie a whole generation of your village. All you have to do is tap, and you’ll see the units move there in no time. You can even travel through time in just seconds, so you should not stop trying how it helps you.

What is the Gem Mine?

Well, suppose we come across a Gem Mine then. We must say then that we are talking about a new building that comes with the latest CoC update. One of its main characteristics has to do with the fact that the more we improve it, the more gems it gives us. In the same way, we must emphasize that as he provides us with those gems, we have to enter to collect them continuously. So it requires you to be completely on top of it.

What else would you like to know about the Clash of Clans builder base?