Chrome Download Google Chrome I still remember, several years ago, when Internet Explorer was on ...

Chrome Download Google Chrome I still remember, several years ago, when Internet Explorer was on …

I still remember several years ago when Internet Explorer was simply the default browser. Millions of people used their computers. Times change and obviously as competition appears. The protagonists have to get better and better, in this case we already know how the story ends. Google chrome has right ahead of all other browsers. Here we will teach you how to download google chrome.

Internet Explorer is long dead, supplanted by Edge. Although it is not that it was too good that we say in front of Chrome, that everyone loves him.

Do you want to know how to always have the latest version of the Google Chrome browser available?

How to download Google Chrome

We can’t deny that Google did a terrific job with their browser. That’s why everyone wants download Google Chrome they just format their computer or buy their mobile device (although it comes installed on many of them).

Luckily downloading Chrome is not complicated at all and by following this link you can get hold of it in case you have Windows. For computers basically. It is very simple, you download the file, you run it, you give it next and next until it begins to install. Now you can enjoy the best web browser on your Windows computer.

We will also leave you here the links for mobile terminals. Whether they are Android, for Java such as Nokia or iOS for iPhone:

For devices with Android operating system, here is the link to the download page of the Play Store.

For users who have devices with an iOS operating system, here is the link to the iTunes App Store.

In case you have a mobile device that has been behind for several years and has Java as a system. You shall download Chrome for Java from this link that I leave you right here. Here we explain very well what the thing is about.

Now you just double-click it and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. It’s not too complicated, it’s basically next after next and voila. In addition to that Google Chrome has a very good amount of tricks at its disposal.

Download Google Chrome for free

Keep in mind that Google Chrome is a fairly powerful browser, obviously there are alternatives such as Mozilla Firefox for Windows or Firefox Focus for Android among others, they are not the only browsers that exist, there are many others that perhaps are not as well known as we would like, remember that the more competition there is, the better for the user, the better for us.

Also in case you are short of data, you can have free internet with Google Chrome, follow this link where I show you exactly how you should do to be able to enjoy said browser and above all with free internet, without having to spend a penny.

In a nutshell download Google Chrome It has many advantages, many interesting options, even thanks to the browser WhatsApp can be used on a Tablet very easily so we cannot deny the great power of the Google browser, in addition to the constant security updates and also adding new functions to make this the definitive browser that you must have installed either on your mobile phone or on your Windows or Linux computer, even for Mac users.