China's first satellite for telephony is already in space

China’s first satellite for telephony is already in space


China’s first satellite for telephony is already in space. The name given to the Chinese satellite is Tiantong 01, it is the first step taken by the Asian nation to develop its entire mobile telecommunications system based on a local satellite telephone design.

The Chinese satellite Tiantong 01 was propelled by the Long March 3B rocket, starting its flight at 12:02 a.m. local time from the launch and space activities center of the city of Xichang, in Sichuan province, according to information provided by the agency Xinhua.

According to the report, this Chinese Tiantong 01 satellite would be the first of its kind developed and manufactured by China, in fact the China Institute of Space Activities plans to launch a second artificial star soon as soon as it becomes known about the success. of the mission of the first.

The Chinese satellite Tiantong 01 It was developed by the Chinese Academy of Space Technology together with China Telecom, the most powerful mobile operator in China and state-owned, being responsible for managing the services and managing the future operation of the satellite.

This flight to take the Chinese mobile phone satellite, Tiantong 01, into space was the 232nd in the Long March series of carrier rockets, and the 36th launch of the Long March-3B.

With the launch of this first chinese satellite For telephony, the Asian giant will also create a mobile network for China, the Middle East, Africa and other areas, with the aim of extending the services derived from the capabilities provided by the new artificial star that paves the way for the region and neighboring countries. the launch of new satellites with the same task and that could turn China into a great distributor of satellite services.