# CES2016: laptops and tablets will also parade in Las Vegas

# CES2016: laptops and tablets will also parade in Las Vegas


CES 2016 will also be the place where the new tablets and laptops that will hit the market this coming year will parade. As much as Tim Cook would like everyone to believe that we are in a post-PC era, the reality is that most people still use laptops and desktop computers.

However, despite the fact that many prefer to use computers to carry out their work, it is also true that today many manufacturers are incorporating more modern features to these equipment, such as touch screens, the use of stylus pen or 2-in-1 functions. , in an attempt to merge tablets and laptops.

This year we saw a handful of mobiles making the transition to the new USB-C port, so it is not surprising that we see many laptops – and even tablets – with this type of connector. Apple was the first to introduce this type of port in its MacBook, which works to connect screens, peripherals and even to charge the computer.

Among other novelties that we could see in the new laptops and tablets that will be presented at CES 2016, we have Windows 10. Yes, with the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system this year we will not only see new Surface devices with Windows 10, but also many products from other manufacturers. However, one of the most interesting things about the teams launched at CES 2016 will be seeing how they include the personal assistant Cortana in the system.

Last year we saw exciting launches from manufacturers like Dell and Lenovo, so hopefully they will make big announcements this year as well. As for tablets, se expects the market to keep moving a little towards computers trying to replace laptops.

While the announcement of traditional size tablets such as a new Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro is expected, manufacturers are also expected to introduce larger devices. This year we saw Samsung’s launch of the 18.4-inch Galaxy View tablet and Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro, so this is likely to be the trend at CES 2016.