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Apple’s suppliers have started preparing for production …

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Apple will reportedly release its long-awaited iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2, whatever you decide to call the device in early March. Now, according to a new report from DigiTimes, Taiwan-based composite semiconductor manufacturers have begun preparing to fulfill component shipments for the iPhone SE 2.

According to the report, manufacturers are preparing for full production in the coming weeks. It also states that the device will include 3D structured light sensors along with VCSEL components. These will be manufactured by Win Semi. While Xintec, affiliate of TSMC, will process diffractive optical elements.

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Even though the iPhone SE 2 might seem on track, Apple could end up delaying the next generations of the iPhone 12 as it has stopped sending engineers to China to help with the engineering validation test or EVT stage of iPhone 12 development. , due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

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Apart from this, according to a recent report by a Japanese blog Mac Otakara, the next iPhone SE 2 will be an updated iPhone 8 with a 5.4-inch screen. It will feature a larger rear camera module, it will be powered by the A13 chipset paired with 3GB of RAM.

It also states that the next iPhone, in addition to a Touch ID sensor, could also come with a Face ID sensor. It is expected to use a 10-layer Substrate Type PCB (SLP) for its motherboard, which is the same technology used to make the new iPhone 11 series.

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