The iPad mini Retina goes on sale and lowers the price of its predecessor

Apple wants to register the term iPad

The request for this patent was requested by Fujitsu in 2003, but it was not concluded correctly by this company because the United States patent office asked Fujitsu to provide more information on the patent and it did not. (the name was for an electronic inventory device).

For this reason, the US authorities declared this request “void” and it was not until June 2009 that Fujitsu tried to regain the patent. It was at this point that he discovered that Apple had submitted documentation to challenge that patent filing.

Apple has until February 28, 2010 to argue, in the patent office, the reasons for wanting the patent of this trademark. Apparently, this can be time consuming and we will not know the final resolution of this conflict for many months.

This patent request from Apple may respond to two main reasons, on the one hand that this is finally the name of its Mac Tablet (something very unlikely given the proximity of this month’s event). While the second, and more likely, points out that Apple wants to have the term in its possession so that no device manufactured by Fujitsu can be identified as Apple by users.