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Apple receives protests from Taiwanese workers

The Taiwanese company Wintek, in charge of manufacturing the TFT panels for Apple product screens, the same company that is rumored could be involved in the construction of the more than rumored MacTablet and to which many media are giving great importance despite the fact that Apple they have indicated on many occasions that they have no interest in this concept of a computer.

As published in the Global Post, the organizers of this protest have accused Wintek of firing 600 workers without prior notice in December, as well as reducing wages, forcing workers to work overtime to solve demands for components immediately ( without financial compensation), to maintain unacceptable working conditions in one of its subsidiaries and to retaliate with those who protest their situation.

The group has raised its protest, targeting Apple after previous attempts to fix these problems have not come to fruition with Wintek. Although, Apple’s responsibility in this particular matter is not entirely clear.

An Apple spokesman has indicated that those in Cupertino reiterate the liability policy of their suppliers, but did not say anything more on this matter. For their part, many of the workers involved in the protest wore masks to avoid, as far as possible, being recognized by the company and for fear of reprisals, as well as the possibility of becoming part of a possible list black of employees who could be fired.