HP extends its software support to iPads

Apple could have sold more than 1 million iPads

The company that has made this calculation, Chitika Labs, has created a microsite where they have a real-time counter that updates the number of iPad sold, although the information is not far-fetched, the operation of this iPad sold counter leaves many doubts about your credibility.

Among the additional information they offer, there are very curious data, such as the case that California is the state with the most iPad (19.12 percent of iPads sold), followed by New York (8.3 percent ), Texas (8 percent), Florida (5.88 percent) and Illinois (3.84 percent). The place in the United States where the iPad has had the least acceptance has been Wyoming (with 0.03 percent) and just above this, in penultimate position is Montana (with 0.08 percent).