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Antivirus How to Deactivate Avast Antivirus Temporarily or Permanently Step by Step One of the main problems we encounter when …

Antivirus How to Deactivate Avast Antivirus Temporarily or Permanently Step by Step One of the main problems we encounter when ...

One of the main problems we encounter when we download an antivirus on our computer it has to do with the fact that they remain active all the time, and as a consequence, it is impossible for us to install other programs or softwares that may be necessary, an issue that we undoubtedly have to attend to to avoid problems.

Although what we say can be applied to practically any antivirus, in this particular article we want to show you specifically what you have to do to disable Avast, whether you want to disable it permanently or temporarily, for whatever reason.

How to disable Avast for a while or forever

Well, before starting with the step by step in question, we have to say that generally the problem with antivirus is that some of them have to be completely disabled in order to install another program, something that luckily does not happen with Avast. Of course, it goes without saying that while the antivirus remains inactive, you will not be protected against viruses, malware or other malicious elements. But let’s go with the tutorial at once:

  • First of all, go to Avast, an antivirus program that you can open directly from the computer’s task bar, in its lower right part. If you do not know what it is, you should recognize it by its orange color, extremely striking
  • When you have located it, you have to click on it with the right button of the mouse, clicking on Avast Shield Control
  • The moment you do it, you will see that several deactivation options appear, specifically the following: Deactivate for 10 minutes, Deactivate for 1 hour, Deactivate until the computer is restarted or Deactivate permanently
  • Of course, you have to choose the period of time that you want the antivirus to stop working until the task that interests you is finished
  • When you have selected the time period in question, a new window will ask you if you are sure to continue and you must say Yes to confirm the procedure
  • If you have chosen a temporary deactivation, the activation will occur automatically once that period ends
  • On the other hand, if you have selected a permanent deactivation, the only way to be protected again is for you to reactivate Avast yourself

Disable Avast on PC

Undoubtedly, the procedure to deactivate Avast on any computer is extremely simple, so you can carry it out whenever you want or as necessary so that you can finish with some other type of task.