Android Where are screenshots saved on Android? Have you ever wondered where screenshots of ...

Android Where are screenshots saved on Android? Have you ever wondered where screenshots of …

Have you ever wondered where screenshots are saved on Android? You have to know then that in this article you will find all the information that you should consider in these cases. Indeed, we are going to show you a series of details that we think you will have to take into account when it comes to finding your screenshots on Android.

Indeed, Android screenshots are an excellent way to save content that we consider important, or to be able to send a third party a photograph or anything else. The problem that many users have is that, after learning how to take screenshots on Android, they do not know where to find them among the contents of their devices.

Where are screenshots saved on Android

The first thing you have to know in this regard is that although each Android mobile device manufacturer has distinctive issues from the others, there are other elements that we could say are common. On Nexus or Pixel mobile devices, those that They have pure Android, we can see that the screenshots go to Photos, the Google application.

Therefore, you have any Android smartphone you have, our recommendation has to do with the fact that in the first instance you discard that is not within this section, as it is usually the most common. Beyond that, you should know in the same way that you just have to enter the Google Photos app, and see if it is there. If not, we will look for other alternatives.

Let’s suppose that at the moment you have not been able to find your screenshots. Well then we are going to recommend that If you have your content synchronized with the cloud and you keep the WiFi on, give this link. It is assumed that you are entering the gallery in question, and that you will be able to see your images. If you still don’t have a solution, then there are other alternatives, of course.

Another good alternative is to open an instant messaging application, such as WhatsApp, since that way you can see what the latest content is that you have available to send to other users. In that way you will have the possibility to see in which of your folders it is that they host those contents, in this case the screenshots or screenshots.

Of course, in many cases we know that the Photos application is not available, and it is precisely in these cases that you have to specifically opt for the Gallery alternative. Beyond that, it is not too difficult to find the screenshots, so we hope you haven’t had too many problems about it, but you can always ask us, of course.

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What other questions do you have about screenshots on Android?