Android How long does the Backup in Android last? If you usually read all our articles, you will have seen that more than ...

Android How long does the Backup in Android last? If you usually read all our articles, you will have seen that more than …

If you usually read all our articles, you will have seen that more than once we have taught how to perform a Backup in Android, and today we want to talk a little more about it, a detail that possibly few know. Indeed, we have to say that although many of us have always thought that these copies stayed there indefinitely, this is not so.

Indeed, just a few days ago we had the news for breakfast that Google will delete your Android backup after two months of inactivity, probably to make a little space on their servers. Indeed, the point is that we have to take it into account, since time goes by fast, and you could run out of backup if you’re not careful.

Google deletes Android backups

Indeed, when we talk about Backup on Android, we have to say that Google has offered some information about it. We now know that two weeks after the Backup is made, it acquires an expiration date. Two months after that moment, Google removes the copy directly without sending any prior notification to inform you of the situation.

We have had this news specifically thanks to what has been pointed out by the Reddit forum user “Tanglebrook”, who has commented on his experience in this regard, and of course, they have deleted his Backup without his knowing it. Indeed, you have to consider in this type of situation, that if for any reason you don’t make a new copy, or you ignore it, you could lose it.

Indeed, as mentioned in that forum and we fully agree, the ideal would be that the people of Google Drive keep a good part of this content that we store indefinitely. Unfortunately we find that, at least for the moment, It seems that this is not their decision, and that is why we have to settle for updating them every approximately two months.

How do I check the status of my Backup?

If you want to see the state of your Android Backup that is stored in Google Drive, you have to follow a fairly simple procedure. The first thing to do is download the official Google Drive application from this link. Later you have to open it, and enter the menu. You go to the Backups tab, and you will see what state yours are in.

How to perform a Backup on Android?

Google backup

Google backup is one of the main solutions that you have to consider in this type of case. In your case, the backup will be made in your Google account. It is an interesting option because it is really simple, and you can also protect your data, passwords, preferences, etc. To activate it, you have to go to Settings, Backup and Restore, nothing more than that.

Backup on Android manually

Now, if for any particular reason you don’t want to take risks with different applications, what We recommend then that you make the backup of your Android manually. Indeed, it is as simple as connecting the Android device to your computer. Then, using a file explorer, you can manage the contents the way you prefer, without problems.

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