Android applications 5 applications for selfie stick that you can not miss on Android For a long time we wanted to do this article, ...

Android applications 5 applications for selfie stick that you can not miss on Android For a long time we wanted to do this article, …

We have been wanting to write this article for a long time, and finally after the strong insistence of our users we have decided, beyond that it may not be the most useful of all. Indeed, it is about analyzing what for us are the selfie stick applications that you cannot miss on Android. The truth is that many have been asking us about the best applications for Android selfie stick, and we believe that in the Google Play Store you can find several interesting ones.

The first thing you should consider in this regard is that in this article We are going to show you 5 Android apps for selfie stick, each one of which stands out for a particular reason, so you should read their descriptions to know which one can best suit what you want.

Best apps for Android selfie stick

Best Me Selfie

It is a very curious application, because it has been developed specifically so that users can take the best possible selfies. The truth is that it stands out above many of the competition because it has content such as a total of 125 filters with great results. In addition, it will allow you to modify your images in many ways to make them look more professional. Best Me Selfie It is undoubtedly one of the best applications that you can consider in this segment.

Whistle Camera

We pass in the second instance to Whistle Camera, an app about which we must say that it is not only available for Android mobile devices but also for iOS. Among its particularities, it especially stands out that it will allow us to take a selfie the moment we hear a whistle. As you read it, if you are focusing and whistling, the app will automatically take a selfie.

Camera 360

An application that has a large number of filters among its possibilities is Camera 360. About this application we must say that it stands out for the enormous amount of results it offers. And it is that in addition to its filters, it has a huge number of effects for us to combine between the two. If you like selfies, we are sure you should give it a try.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera It has more than 100 filters, in addition to being one of the selfie stick applications that takes the best images in any circumstance in which we use it. Beyond the classic, it should be added that its interface is one of the simplest in the segment.

BlitzWolf Shutter

BlitzWolf Shutter is another application that was created for people who have mobiles with an Android operating system. Like the previous ones, it allows a connection through Bluetooth, and as a curiosity, you have to know that it also works without problems on iOS.

Which of these selfie stick apps do you like the most?