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AliExpress Disadvantages of Paying with PayPal on AliexpressAliexpress is one of the main platforms from the …

Aliexpress It is one of the main platforms from which we can acquire a huge amount of products from all over the world, many times with lower costs than we could find in physical stores near our home and others.

Now, of course, even when these costs are lower than usual, we must not lose sight of the fact that in any case we have to pay at some point for the items we acquire, and that is when it is convenient to stop at what are the possibilities that we have to the view, being PayPal one that most users decide to use.

After some time it was impossible pay with PayPal on Aliexpress, The truth is that this option has been enabled again, although there are some disadvantages that you should consider before proceeding to do it in this way.

Pay on Aliexpress with PayPal

The first thing you have to know about the possibility of paying with PayPal for Aliexpress products, is that unfortunately not all sellers accept this payment condition, but only some of them decide to take it into account. Before going through the entire purchase process, it is preferable that you check that this seller actually accepts PayPal.

On the other hand, always keep in mind that when you pay with PayPal, Aliexpress will charge you a commission.

In summary, those are the two points by way of disadvantages that you should consider when you are going to pay Aliexpress with PayPal.

Should I pay for Aliexpress products with PayPal then?

Moment then of ask us whether to pay for Aliexpress products with PayPal, because surely many will begin to think about the disadvantages that we have just mentioned, and how we should consider them when selecting a means of payment on this site.

The main advantage of PayPal so far had to do with the fact that in case we are not satisfied with the purchase, we have a kind of additional guarantee thanks to which we can recover the money when the time comes. But Aliexpress has added a similar feature, so somehow we no longer rely on PayPal for that.

For this reason, the only real reason why we can continue to recommend the purchase of items from Aliexpress through PayPal payment is that this way we will not have to add our credit card details to this website, since they are already part of the registration of the online money transfer system.

Do you usually pay for your Aliexpress purchases with PayPal or not?