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Adobe publishes LiveCycle for the iPhone

Adobe LiveCycle Workspace Mobile ES2 lets you manage tasks on the go. The application was presented as one more part of other changes made to the LiveCycle Enterprise suite; a set of server-based tools for creating automated workflows using PDF documents.

The LiveCycle application for iPhone presents a list of the tasks that have been assigned or delegated to the user. Those tasks that have not yet been read have a blue dot. Each of the listed tasks includes a date and a brief description; In the event that the task is approaching its due date, then the date is shown using orange.

By tapping on the task, you access a details screen that presents the assigned person (another tap provides access to their contact information), any PDF attachment that can be viewed on the device itself, and the buttons to approve or deny the task. . This allows users to manage aspects such as purchase requests, invoices, contracts, vacation requests, and other tasks that can be carried out through the touch actions supported by the iPhone, as indicated by Adobe.

Adobe LiveCycle Workspace Mobile ES2, is available as a free download from the App Store. However, it must be taken into account that the application is not functional by itself, but requires Aobre’s LiveCycle Process Management ES2, a server-based software aimed at the business world.

In addition to working on the iPhone, LiveCycle Workspace ES2 Mobile also works on BlackBerry Windows Mobile smartphones.