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Adobe begins beta phase of next Creative Suite

Any user can download the new beta. However, for new users the software will only work for a maximum of 48 hours after the first run of the program. If you are a CS3 user, then you can run the betas until CS4 is available.

The Dreamweaver CS4 beta includes several new features for web designers, highlighting the related files toolbar and the code browser. The second tool allows users to make changes to code that appears in various parts of a document with just one update.

Adobe has adopted the Webkit rendering engine, allowing users to see how the web page will look from within the application. Webkit is the engine used in Apple’s Safari web browser.

Fireworks users will find a new option to export layout layouts into secure, interactive PDF documents, according to Adobe.

Users of the professional audio authoring and editing application Soundbooth will be pleased to hear that multi-track support has been incorporated into the product beta. The feature allows users to edit multiple audio clips on as many tracks. Additionally you can also equalize the audio levels between all the audio files.

The Sounbooth beta also allows users to preview MP3 compression settings before saving the file.

Dreamweaver and Fireworks require Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later and a Mac with a PowerPC G5 or Intel processor. Sounbooth also requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later, although it only works on Mac computers with Intel processors, as it did with the previous version of the product.