A smart hat and a suitcase connected to the mobile, the proposal ...

A smart hat and a suitcase connected to the mobile, the proposal …


Vodafone enters the wearables race with Smart Summer, a line of development of some ideal prototypes for the summer that protect children from the harmful rays of the sun, keep them safe and be able to get lost objects.

Smart Summer, the name given to this conceptual line, is made up of bikinis, swimsuits equipped with ultraviolet sensors to control exposure to sunlight and that through a mobile application the user receives an alert of over-exposure to the sun, even this Swimwear can vibrate if the exposure limits are too high.

Another of the wearables of Vodafone Smart Summer It is a children’s hat, which has low-power UV sensors and a device that will send notifications to the mobile in case the child leaves a security zone, the same technology was incorporated into a smart suitcase and beach bag that to be able to geolocate it in case of loss.

According to a survey carried out in various European countries, about half of tourists forget to apply sunscreen and more than 70% of those surveyed indicate that if they receive a reminder, they would apply the sunscreen.

Most Spaniards are also concerned about the damage that ultraviolet rays can cause to their skin, however 25% of parents with children under 18 years of age forget to apply sunscreen and this is the main task of Vodafone Smart Summer.

These Vodafone Smart Summer prototypes are based on Internet of Things technology, IOT in English, in order to demonstrate the potential offered by possible connectivity and intelligence applications in everyday consumer devices.

All wearables that are part of Vodafone Smart Summer They are equipped with Vodafone hardware and their rechargeable battery offers autonomy for a week.