Windows 10 How to Disable the Game Bar in Windows 10 The game bar in Windows 10 is a function that ...

Windows 10 How to Disable the Game Bar in Windows 10 The game bar in Windows 10 is a function that …

The Windows 10 game bar is a function that is integrated precisely in the operating system with which we can record our games in any kind of video game. But not only this, but it also allows live broadcasts for those who like to stream.

However, you may not want to record your games. Therefore, this bar is annoying for you and you want to disable it. Today we are going to see how to disable Windows 10 game bar quite simply. You will learn below how to disable the Game DVR and also the full bar.

How to disable Game DVR

When we deactivate the Game DVR we do not touch the rest of the functions of the bar in question. Then we will see how to disable it completely. First of all, you will have to go to Start and then click on the gear button that is on the left side.

In this way we enter the Windows Settings. As you can see we have a large number of options available. Here the only one that interests us is the one that says “Games”, Click on it to go to the settings related to games.

Now you have to go to the menu on the left and press where it says “Game DVR“A series of options will open and if you look at where it says” Record in the background while games “just flip the switch and that’s it. Your games will no longer be recorded, there will be no option to do so.

How to disable the game bar in Windows 10

In case you know that you will never use any of the options in the game bar, then the ideal is to deactivate it so that it does not disturb or consume resources, no matter how few.

Let’s go to start, then click on the gear icon that is on the left side and enter the options of Windows 10 Settings.

Now we go to the category that says “Games”Precisely to configure all the parameters related to the game bar.

In the left column, the first option says “Game bar”Click on it to open this category. Then we can see what it says “Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast with the game bar“We simply flip the switch and voila. The bar is deactivated forever.

Obviously in case you want to activate it again, go back to this category and flip the switch again to activate Windows 10 game bar.