WiFi Tutorials How to Increase the Router's Wifi Signal Up to 200% More Wifi is undoubtedly the way to stay connected to ...

WiFi Tutorials How to Increase the Router’s Wifi Signal Up to 200% More Wifi is undoubtedly the way to stay connected to …

Wifi is undoubtedly the most comfortable way to stay connected to the internet that currently exists. You can put your computer in any area of ​​your home or you can be with your mobile device without any kind of problem, always connected no matter where you are in the house.

Although on some occasions, the Wi-Fi signal is not exactly the best and can fail. Do you want to know how to increase signal of Wifi Router? In this article we are going to see a step-by-step tutorial where you can boost router signal up to 200% more, one of the best tricks so that you can have the maximum possible signal in your router.

There are few houses that currently do not have Internet and it is that this has already become a totally essential service. In general the WiFi router that we use at the domestic level, which are generally the ones that the telephone operators give us, are more than enough so that the wireless signal reaches the entire home well, but there are cases in which this is not the case and there are areas with better coverage than others, that’s why we are going to analyze how to increase the WiFi coverage of the router.

How to increase Wifi signal

  • The first thing you have to do is go to your browser, it can be Chrome or Firefox, whichever it is.
  • Now simply enter the following address “”.
  • On this page we will be able to configure everything related to the router, if it asks you for a username and password, they generally have the default ones in case you had not changed it. So it should be username and password admin or user admin and password 1234.
  • Once you managed to enter, you will have to look for an option called “Channel”, in my case it is within the option “Wireless network” although depending on the router it may vary, so in this section you will have to investigate a bit.
  • So, when you find the channel option, you have to configure it to have it to the maximum, by default it comes 8, but you can go up to 12 or as far as it allows, you must configure it to the maximum to have a better signal intensity.

How to improve the Wifi signal

It’s that simple and just by doing this you should already have better Wifi signalRemember that you will not be able to perform miracles either since depending on the router you can be more or less limited, but in this way you can get the most out of it to be able to be throughout your house without being with a bad Wi-Fi connection.

Keep in mind that the walls affect, the furniture as well and the further away you are from the router, the worse the Wifi will work whatever you do, so this should also be taken into account.

Detect sources of interference

Now that we know the weak and strong points of the WiFi signal in our home, let’s look for the reasons.

The usual is that rooms that are closer to the router have better coverage and that the signal degrades as we move away from the device. This implies that in small houses there should be no problem with the signal, but it is not entirely true, since sometimes the wall thickness can limit signal range.

Other factors that can affect the signal emitted by the WiFi are the presence of Bluetooth devices near the router, the presence of digital cordless phones near the sender and even external factors such as frequency inhibitors, the proximity of telephone repeaters, the generators or an excess of WiFi points.

If our bad signal is caused by external factors, there is little we can do to improve it. However, if it is caused by internal factors, we can increase the WiFi coverage of the router in several ways.

How to increase the WiFi coverage of the router

Choose the best location for the router

Sometimes signal problems are caused by something as simple as improper router placement.

It must be taken into account that the antennas that the routers bring by default are omnidirectional, that is, the signal is transmitted the same in all directions. That is precisely why it is a good idea place the device in the central area of ​​the house. If we put it in a room where we share a wall with the neighbor, we are giving more signal to him than to our house.

Once the place is chosen we must analyze how to place the router. The best is put it up, in any case avoiding leaving it on the floor or putting it inside a piece of furniture, a false ceiling, etc. The more free of obstacles the router is, the better it will transmit the signal. The antenna should always be positioned at a 90 degree angle, never bent or folded.

Changing antennas to increase the router’s WiFi coverage

Changing antennas in the router is an option that is less and less used since many devices have fixed antennas. If the one on your device is removable, you can consider changing it for higher gain antennas.