WhatsApp Plus Which is Better, WhatsApp Plus or Normal WhatsApp?  We solve the DoubtWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus?  The eternal question, which is better?  For…

WhatsApp Plus Which is Better, WhatsApp Plus or Normal WhatsApp? We solve the DoubtWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus? The eternal question, which is better? For…

WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus? The eternal question, which is better? In order to reach the conclusion, you have to understand first of all what are the differences WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus. Once we have the clear answer to that question, it will be then that we come to the conclusion which is better. For that we have created this article, to be able to eliminate any doubt you have and at the end of it you will know which of the two to choose to use on your mobile device.

WhatsApp is probably the most important mobile application in the world, at least among those that must be downloaded by users because they do not come automatically, like Google’s. In fact, if you go to the trouble of stopping 10 people with mobiles on the street, you can be sure that at least 9 of them have WhatsApp installed, so many use it. That has generated that Over time, services developed by third parties emerged that claim to improve the WhatsApp experience, such as WhatsApp Plus, and that’s why we want to compare them hand-in-hand this time.

Is it better than WhatsApp Plus?

We go part by part, starting with the first thing to do once we have to install the application, we have to download it. For that we are going to go to the Play Store and put WhatsApp, we simply install and go, the same with the App Store. With WhatsApp Plus you have to go around a bit more, activate the unknown sources in Settings> Security, then you have to find the download link, the truth is that it is a mess. Therefore, the official app is better than WhatsApp Plus.

As for updates, it is more of the same, in WhatsApp Plus you have to start looking for all the necessary files, the cracks to be able to update, on the other hand, official WhatsApp does it automatically and you don’t even worry about it.

Keep in mind that WhatsApp is an important, official app that has been on the market for a long time, therefore, it is more reliable. On the other hand, WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial application modified by amateur people who obviously do not know their intentions.

Regarding the issue of customization, we all agree that WhatsApp Plus is much better in this sense with many options to be able to leave the app as you want either in terms of colors, sizes, fonts, etc. In this section, you win all of this app.

The variety of emoticons is another of the things where WhatsApp Plus is much better, it has more than 500 including memes, Messenger, Skype, etc. Therefore, you have a huge variety to be able to express anything you want through chat.

If you want to share larger files without being cut or compressed, wasting minutes in videos or quality in photos, then WhatsApp Plus is so much better than WhatsApp, because it allows us to send photos of up to 50 MB which is a brutality and complete videos, in a simple way and without any kind of problems.

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus

In general terms, we must say then that WhatsApp is the application we all know, the messaging application that most people use around the world and the one that lays the foundations of WhatsApp Plus, which as we said has nothing to do with the creators of the first one, it was specially created modifying its codes to add some customization issues, a nicer interface, and so on, which has of course caused all kinds of accusations, and even persecutions.

As you can see in the image that accompanies the article, the first difference between the two has to do with the visual aspect, since WhatsApp stands out for its traditional green color, while WhatsApp Plus bets on the blue color. As part of that greater openness and customization that WhatsApp Plus offers us, we say that we have up to 700 themes available to choose the ones we like the most.

Of course, in the same way it should be noted that since WhatsApp in its original format was acquired by Facebook, quite a few interesting changes have been noticed in the application, many of which are really useful, such as the arrival of the WhatsApp Web computer client thanks to which we can synchronize our equipment, and with it, chat on WhatsApp from the PC.

In any case, we know that even so many users are not enough with the possibilities of modifying everything at will that WhatsApp offers them, and seeing some of its competitors such as LINE or WeChat, it is understandable. Anyway, it is not that we do not have access to absolutely anything, since the same beautiful emoticons that are present in WhatsApp are also in WhatsApp Plus.

Another advantage that WhatsApp Plus undoubtedly has when it comes to making these comparisons has to do with the fact that when sending files we talk, This allows us to attach content of up to 50 MB, a size more than interesting. At the moment WhatsApp is only 16 MB, but the truth is that it is expected that it will not be too long until Facebook also improves this aspect.