WhatsApp How to Save Data on WhatsApp Configuring it this Way WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application.  The good…

WhatsApp How to Save Data on WhatsApp Configuring it this Way WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application. The good…

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application. The good thing about this app is that it has a few configuration options from which we can take great advantages. There are many people who want to know how to save data on WhatsApp and it is that the ease of communication that it offers us can also end up exhausting our data or internet plan quickly.

Some time ago, operators began to put limitations on mobile data. The old unlimited data plans have long since ceased to exist, so we must be “careful” with the data we consume.

WhatsApp in itself could be said that it consumes practically no data. The problem comes with the number of conversations we have and what is done in those conversations. Especially in the case of groups. But we will see all this in more detail later in this small tutorial so that you learn how to configure WhatsApp to use less data.

WhatsApp is one of the applications that the vast majority of users have installed on their mobile devices, and the truth is that many of us have become used to always communicating through this platform, abandoning others such as SMS or traditional calls. In any case, we must point out in this regard that when we talk about this messenger, that many users consult us about all kinds of tutorials that could be useful to make the most of it.

We are going to teach you then how to use WhatsApp without spending mobile data, and the first thing we have to tell you in this regard is that we are going to tell you a little about the options we have on hand to use WhatsApp for free no need to spend mobile data when we do not have WiFi. It will be necessary to think, in the same way, that There are already two companies, and probably more in the future, that offer us the possibility of using WhatsApp for free, without spending mobile data.

How to use WhatsApp for free: which companies offer this service?


If your telephone company is Vodafone or you are analyzing the possibility of starting to enjoy it, then you have to know that they have a plan specially developed for these cases. Indeed, after having recently applied changes in their rates, users in this way can enjoy the service they have appointed Chat Zero. Thanks to it, they have the possibility of not spending mobile data when using their messaging applications, in the cases of Telegram, Line, BlackBerry Messenger, etc.


If you want to use WhatsApp for free, you have to know that one of the operators that has stood out in this regard is FreedomPop, one that stands out precisely for its many plans, all of which include the complete absence of expenses related to WhatsApp. If you contract any of their basic plans, 1 GB Premium, 5 GB Premium, or 10 GB Premium, you can use your messaging without spending money. Finally, it should be noted that both operators contemplate the free use of WhatsApp with all its functionalities, so find out about their plans.

Configure WhatsApp to save mobile data

The big problem that WhatsApp has are automatic downloads and more when you have several groups where they send videos, memes, photos, documents, etc. Whether the groups are for work, friends, university, family, etc.

A great variety of files of all kinds are always sent and since WhatsApp comes with automatic downloads, everything that is sent is downloaded to our device. What does this mean? That mobile data is consumed when downloading such files. Storage space is even consumed on the mobile, which in many cases we do not have enough.

¿How to configure WhatsApp to disable automatic downloads? First of all, you must open the application. Then click on the vertical dots that appear at the top right.

A small menu opens where the option that really interests us is the one that says “Settings”.

Now we are in the application settings. The option that really interests us is the one that says “Data and storage” in that category you will be able to see all the options that are related precisely to WhatsApp downloads and these influence both the cost of mobile data and the storage space of the device .

Once in this section you will see that it says “Automatic download”And below you have several options to configure.

What you have to do here is configure everything according to what you want:

Connected to mobile data: Ideally, you should uncheck all the boxes so that nothing will download automatically. Do not worry that when someone sends something in any conversation, you will simply have to click on that file to download it, but it will not be downloaded automatically.