What's new in macOS Mojave, Apple's new operating system

What’s new in macOS Mojave, Apple’s new operating system


After making official its new version for mobile operating system, Apple has announced macOS Mojave for its computers and laptops, including among the what’s new in macOS Mojave Long-awaited features like dark mode, desktop redesign, and a new App Store.

The what’s new in macOS Mojave they can be known from now on, because the company has released the update to this version for free for Macs from 2012 and Mac Pro from 2010 and 2012 onwards.

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What’s new in macOS Mojave

MacOS Mojave photo macOS Mojave comes with a new dark mode.

The main what’s new in macOS Mojave They have come to satisfy the demands of users and below we will see some of them:

  • Dark mode: The signature bitten apple has incorporated a dark mode with a color scheme that dims according to low light conditions. Users can activate it directly from system preferences and it works both on the desktop and with the built-in macOS applications.
  • Rearranged desktop: Users now have the native app Stacks, its objective is to clear the desktop space by organizing files according to their type. Also the new desktop changes image depending on the time of day.
  • Redesigned App Store: In addition to having a new appearance, among the novelties of macOS Mojave for the App Store is the introduction of new tabs such as “Discover” that shows the most popular applications, they also included Create, Work, Play and Development, all of them with clear functions.
  • Finder revamped: The Finder has also been revamped including features like a new gallery view, plus the Preview panel shows all the metadata for a file.
  • Safer Safari: Among the novelties of macOS Mojave is a renewal of the Safari browser, which includes security improvements such as smart tracking prevention, to prevent social media buttons from tracking users without their permission, it also includes tools to password management.

These are the main what’s new in macOS Mojave that the new version is now available to update.