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What is IP address and what is my public IP

What is IP address and what is my public IP. In order to connect to the network, it is essential that all the computers that give us access have an IP address. We all know that to have an Internet connection, we have to access through the router, which is like your particular gateway to the network and the world of information.

In other words, the router is a device that connects to the public Internet network and provides you with a private network, later through this network all the devices in your home or office will be connected. To avoid conflict, all these devices need an IP address. Do you know what an IP consists of? How many types of IP are there and why will you have the possibility to navigate the network and through various devices without these conflicting?

Although this theory is known more or less and we accept it as such, today we are going to explain what is IP address and what is my public IP, what exactly this means and why it is so important for you to enjoy a safe experience and satisfactory on the internet. Continue reading the guide on what is an IP address and what is my public IP, and we will give you all the corresponding information about this essential element that facilitates our connection to the Internet.

What is IP address and what is my public IP

An IP address consists of an eight-digit numerical code that identifies each of the devices through which you connect to the public Internet through the Internet protocol or IP (Internet protocol) .

Through an IP address, a computer, a smartphone, etc., it becomes visible among a group of other computers or to the server. This is how your presence is recognized and navigation is facilitated. The IP address is like the license plate for a car or like the address of your home to deliver a package, it is your official identification. It is a number that identifies where the information requested by the user or the device should go and looks like this 192.168.xx.xx.

Therefore, it is impossible to enter the Network if your device does not have an IP address. And it is this that allows the correct connection, avoiding access conflicts by giving each team their own space to receive information.

What is IP address and what is my public IP. Characteristics of an IP address.

  • It can be public or private.
  • IP assignment can be fixed or dynamic.
  • It is a numeric code or a logical sequence of four digits – each digit is separated by a period (.). The sequence can be made up of one, two or three numbers. For example, or
  • The range in which each figure can vary is between 0 and 255 (no value can be 256 or more).

Types of IP address

public private ip

This IP is the one assigned to our Internet service provider. This provider gives us access to the Network through its Internet protocol address.

Therefore, it is not a unique access address to a certain computer, but one that allows several computers to browse the Internet.

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The private IP is the one assigned by each user. This, unlike the public, is the one that gives identity or personality to each team.

This type of IP makes the various computers that share a network or connection point visible and, at the same time, different.

How is an IP address assigned?

It consists of manually assigning a particular number to that IP address. This assignment is carried out by the same user or owner of the equipment and is a number that does not vary because it is only controlled by the person who assigns it.

If you have several computers that connect to the same server, you must assign a different IP address to each one, trying to stay within the allowed range (see the third and fourth characteristics of an IP). Read below the guide on what is IP address and what is my public IP:

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  • Through a dynamic IP

This, unlike the previous one, is assigned by the server or by another computer, which is the one that facilitates Internet access.

Therefore, that serial number can vary (and frequently does), so it is something that does not depend on the owner of the equipment (user of the IP address), but on the number that the server (or equipment for which we we connect) assigns us to access the different content on the Web.