Apple Macbook 2015 keys

We tested the new iMac (May 2011)

Continuing with the improvements introduced by Apple in the MacBook Pro introduced last February, now it is the turn of renewal to the iMac product range. The main improvements: use of the Intel Core processor architecture (Sandy Bridge) with quad-core processors in the standard configurations throughout the entire range, Thunderbolt technology for connecting devices offering speeds of up to 10 Gbps, graphics cards that triple the performance obtained compared to the previous generation, and a new camera with HD quality that, with the name FaceTime HD, comes to replace the iSight camera that we knew until now.

new imac

All of the above contained in the same industrial design that we already knew in an aluminum envelope and in which the screen occupies the entire available surface from side to side with an LED-backlit panel and with IPS technology that allows us to see the image without variations. from an angle of 178 °; and with the possibility that when we acquire the equipment (through the Apple online store) we can choose the Magic Mouse or the Magic TrackPad as pointing devices […]

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