We tested the LG MiniBeam projector and fell in love with this luck ...

We tested the LG MiniBeam projector and fell in love with this luck …


We tested the LG MiniBeam and we were so in love that we tell you about our experience and share our opinions on this portable projector proposal. As we know, technological advancement in recent years has allowed the image quality in projectors to improve to unimaginable levels. This allows us to contemplate a fairly wide, clear and colorful image, adapted to the various uses that could be given to a projector.

An ideal example of the benefits of this type of device is linked to professional practice, teaching and even the student environment. And it is that in the latter case, the projectors allow the realization of presentations and exhibitions of projects in an easy and comfortable way. In addition, this tool gives quality and aesthetics to this type of activity.

But the use of projectors goes beyond these spaces. And is that even inside the home projectors are very useful because they are perfect for watching movies or sporting events. This device offers us a notable advantage over viewing for the enjoyment of these activities.

LG MiniBeam: Almost a portable TV

Taking into account the benefits of having a team like this, LG offers a wide variety of portable projectors in its catalog. Each of these models can be adapted to the specific needs that each user requires. As you read it: LG has this year in its range of projectors with LG LED Smart TV, whose lightness –barely 1Kilo- and autonomy –up to 2.5 hours of battery life- greatly facilitate the consumption of content in almost any place and in up to 100 ”With Full HD resolution. And within this extensive range we find very good options such as the PF50KS projector that we have tested.

This device not only has a compact size that makes it easy to transport. It also incorporates Smart TV technology, as well as full HD resolution and a fairly long lifespan. But if you want to know a little more in detail about the characteristics that make this team one of the best, we will tell you about it below.

Portable Smart LED TV LG MiniBeam projectorPortable Smart LED TV LG MiniBeam projector

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Thanks to the versatility of the LG range of projectors, users can take them with them and place them almost anywhere, and thus enjoy their movies, series, sports and even video games comfortably, both inside and outside the home, or even at the most unexpected places. Who then said that summer cannot be carried in a backpack?

Finally, connectivity Bluetooth of both projectors offers the advantage of pairing different audio devices such as speakers or sound bars. Both have a USB input to reproduce any type of document; and project images, videos or music directly from a smartphone, tablet or PC via wireless connection Screen Share, which instantly reproduces what is being viewed on any of these devices.

LG PF50KS Projector Features

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The opinions of LG’s PF50KS projector are very good but in short we summarize the keys that make it special:

1.- Smart TV technology

Like the latest generation smart televisions, LG’s PF50Ks projector incorporates Smart TV WebOS 3.5 technology that allows access to the internet, multimedia applications, software, internal storage devices, access to social networks and all kinds of content for the user entertainment. It has an interface with a simple, intuitive and easy-to-configure operation that may vary according to the provider.

LG MiniBeam projector offers Full HD image qualityLG MiniBeam projector offers Full HD image quality

2. Integrated Battery for greater autonomy

The battery life of portable electronic devices is an important factor to consider before purchasing a computer. And it can be quite annoying to have to keep a device connected to the power all the time during use. Therefore, within the opinions of LG’s PF50KS projector, what most favors this team is that it has an integrated battery that offers up to 2.5 hours of autonomy. This is a considerable time in which the device will not require cables, so you can not worry.

3. Resolution and screen size

As we know, the visual experience guaranteed by high definition devices is unique. For this reason, today the resolution and the image size when enjoying a movie or even a good football game is of great importance. The LG PF50KS projector offers a screen size from 25 to 100 inches, with a Full HD image quality (1920 x 1080 pixels) that reproduces quite sharp and very vivid colors. With these features it easily outperforms any of the traditional HD projectors.