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Visual Studio reaches Mac OS users

Microsoft has announced during the new edition of its Built 2017 conference taking place this week in Redmond, the availability of the long-awaited version of Visual Studio for Mac. In this way, with an IDE built natively for users of Mac computers, developers who regularly use this platform will be able to generate code from their computers, debug it, as well as test it without having to resort to a computer with a Windows platform. The situations in which it was necessary to raise a Windows virtual machine on Mac OS X in order to be able to run Visual Studio on an Apple computer.

Work teams will be able to work on the same project, giving users the freedom to use one or another platform, with the guarantees that in the end they will be able to participate in the different development processes without incompatibilities.

How it stands out Microsoft, already in 2014 the first version of Visual Studio Tools for Unity (VSTU). Since then, different versions of Tools for Unity have been updated on Windows, but the functionalities of these tools were never transferred to the developers of Unity running Mac OS. With the announcement now made public, an end to a need that a large number of groups had been demanding. Now it is possible to take advantage of the possibilities of creating mobile applications using Xamarin, providing the developer with code editing, packaging and publishing functions.