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Unlock Root Pro Roots almost any android.

Unlock Root Pro Roots almost any android. What is Root on Android, the advantages, disadvantages of root and a few other things, we recommend you read it here before rooting the android device. The Unlock Root tool gives us the opportunity to root almost all devices android. The method works on more than 250 android devices of various brands.

⇒ Advantages, having installed a custom recovery like TWRP Recovery on an android device. ⇐

  • Through TWRP Recovery, you can install a custom ROM, and thus have more options, when it comes to customizing the device.
  • Using TWRP Recovery, you can update the system image file (.img)
  • Through TWRP custom recovery, you can install Xposed modules
  • Using TWRP Recovery it is easy to root and remove unroot via SuperSU, flashable zip file
  • Root android device by flashing magisk via TWRP recovery custom recovery
  • Using TWRP custom recovery you can clear Cache and Data to speed up free up space and prevent device from crashing.
  • Through TWRP Recovery you can remove all bloatware (applications that are installed by default on an Android device).
  • You can flash a custom kernel and underclock and overclock.
  • You can create a nandroid backup using TWRP Recovery and then be able to quickly restore the entire system in case we need it.

Unlock Root Pro Roots almost any android.

Download Unlock Root Pro.4.1.2

Installation: Once the file is downloaded, unarchive and run the .exe that you will find inside. The program’s welcome window will appear. Next, we click on the next box. The next will be to choose the «components» that is, if we want to install «ADB DRIVER´S», we tick the box if we want to install it and we continue. We choose the installation location of the program. Finally we tick the box “run Unlock Root pro”. The program will open and ask for a “serial code”, you can find it where you have unzipped the file.

Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure the device has been recognized by Windows.

Launch Unlock Root Pro.


If you have connected the device and it has been recognized by Windows, the model name will appear in the Unlock Root Pro application window. If not, look for the drivers or reconnect the device.


Hit the root button once you have selected your device. The rooting process will start automatically. Unlock Root Pro will display the specific instructions for the device. Wait for the process to finish.


While waiting, it will ask you if you want to install an App or APk called Battery Save, choose whether or not you prefer to install it.


Wait for the device to reboot a few more times. As the phone restarts, you will see the progress bar as Unlock Root Pro fill up.


Once the bar is full and the Root process finished you will receive the message: “OK, root success”