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Twitter and Facebook are renewed for iOS 7

So much Twitter as Facebook have updated the interface of their applications coinciding with the deployment of iOS 7 on Apple mobile devices. Thus, the new Twitter It has a flat toolbar at the top of the screen that greatly simplifies the buttons. It is familiar from the initial moments, and with Siri, it is possible to search and locate messages within the social network, both by subject and by person.

In the case of Facebook, the renovation has been based on adapting the screens to the new visual aspect of iOS 7, Although this does not prevent us from now having a “more options” function to access account settings, privacy, or the timeline of publications.

If you use iOS7 on Facebook, a translucent bar at the top of the app will change dynamically as you browse through the different photos and posts. If you have entered any of the stories, you can slide your finger from left to right to return to Latest News.

Also, there is good news for users of older iPhone models, as Twitter will maintain device compatibility with versions iOS 5 and iOS 6.