Tutorials PC How to add a mail or email to the address book of Mac or Windows The Apple company is recognized worldwide for its very good quality ...

Tutorials PC How to add a mail or email to the address book of Mac or Windows The Apple company is recognized worldwide for its very good quality …

The company Manzana is recognized worldwide for the very good quality of its products and the wide variety of devices it has launched on the market, from personal computers, to cell phones of all ranges and to its innovative smart watches. Due to the diversity of electronic devices that are under the patent of Manzana, the company has tried to unite in every possible way the users who have acquired these devices.

So much Manzana or Windows They provide their users with an immense amount of services, this is to satisfy their users. Both offer an email service, and work in a similar way to popular email services like Gmail and Hotmail. If you are one of those people who has in your possession some equipment Manzana, you should take advantage of your team. Among its applications and services we find Manzana mail that can be very useful for both personal and office use, being able to edit files from even an iPhone.

How can I Create an Address Book with a Mac app?

Apple mail is an email application that is included in all Operating Systems Mac YOU, which is prepared to be coupled with the Agenda application iCal, being able to manage all the contacts and users that we have added to our devices in a fast and extremely orderly way, it is also an app that allows you to both send, receive and organize emails.

This app is already preconfigured to work with some email providers that are currently more popular such as Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, Outlook and iCloud and it also integrates with some of the functions of your smartphone such as contacts, calendars, maps or other applications installed on your smartphone.

Steps to Add New Email Addresses to Mac Address Book

The first thing we have to do to be able to add a new contact to our address book from Mac is to identify the email that we want to add, usually this will be given to us by our contact or we can obtain it by selecting it within the information data of a file or in any email that we have received.

In this way, when we have identified the email that we want to add, we have to press and hold the button “Option”On our keyboard (usually this key is called the“ Key ”Alt”) And at the same time click on the previously chosen email address. Now, depending on where the address of E-mail, the options that will be displayed could be different, but if the email address is correctly written, an option called “Add to Address Book”.

After clicking on the option “Add to Address Book“, You will be asked to choose between”Contact” Y “Create New Contact”, Being the first option for when we have already added the person in our address book and we want to add this new email to their contact form; thus being the second option for when we want to register a new contact in our address book of E-mail.

Immediately after having selected any of the two options explained, a new application window will open Mail in which we can edit all the information that accompanies this new email address that we are adding to our records. It should be noted that during this process, it is not necessary to open the Address book, but if we want to check that the email was added correctly, we can open it and find the name of the contact under which we registered the email.

And that’s it! Now every time we want to contact this person, we simply have to go to the application Apple mail, and without much difficulty searching among our contacts to be able to send you an email with the message and files that we want.