Tutorials How to Delete SMS to Free Up Memory Easily SMS (Short Message Service) are pure text messages only.  EMS ...

Tutorials How to Delete SMS to Free Up Memory Easily SMS (Short Message Service) are pure text messages only. EMS …

SMS (Short Message Service) are pure text messages only. EMS (Enhanced Message Service) are text messages that also allow you to send mood icons (known as emoticons).

Finally, MMS (Multimedia Message Service), as its name implies, are multimedia messages: they allow, in addition to text and emoticons, the sending of animated icons, images and sounds within the message.

Sometimes you most likely need to delete a part of the messages in your messaging app, in case there are too many old or irrelevant messages.

You only need to remove some of them to tidy up the app, or when your internal storage starts. you are low on space and need to delete some messages to free up some spaces.

It will be more imperative that you delete the messagesEspecially if you are the person who likes to message others against all odds.

Fortunately, you can delete messages in the messaging app effortlessly; Either delete the messages physically or consequently.

How to Delete SMS and MMS from Memory?

I just received a notification that I cannot receive an SMS because “space / memory was full”. What is it, the internal space or SD, and what is the best way to free it?

Also, if you installed some appsUsually apps are usually installed on internal memory unless you have specified otherwise and you are using Froyo or higher version or some other variant of Apps2SD, etc.

You can physically delete individual conversations or messages within a conversation by following these steps:

  • From any home screen, tap the Applications icon.
  • Press Messages.
  • Touch required messages
  • Touch delete the symbol and then select the messages within the conversation that you need to delete.
  • Touch Delete and touch OK.
  • Then the chosen individual messages will be deleted.

Try Freeing Up Some Space

  • Moving or uninstalling apps you don’t need.
  • Clearing your browser’s cache and application data.
  • Or move apps to SD card.
  • Not all applications have this selection.
  • But many will and you can easily move them to the SD card to free up some space.
  • Open the “Gallery” app and see if you can lose some photos or videos and delete them.
  • Press Storage.
  • Tap Free up space.
  • To choose something to delete, tap the empty box on the right.
  • If nothing appears, tap Review recent items.
  • To remove the selected items, at the bottom, tap Release Above.

The main problem here is that when you receive the warning, you have already lost an SMS. The sender does not receive a failed message and you do not know who sent it.

It is true that the phone is low on memory as the internal space is around 5mb, but that is enough to compress a small SMS somewhere. I think the SMS application is too strict.

Any alternative would be helpful

  • Show the warning before the limit is reached, granting a buffer to receive a few more SMS while cleaning something.
  • It tells you who sent the text so you can request a new submission.
  • Send the sender a ‘message not received’ error
  • You could tell the network to try again.
  • What happens when the phone is off?

Ideally, even though I think this might be difficult or already done, let the SMS app take up more space when you need it.

You only need a little bit for each message compared to the few MB that may be available on the phone.