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Tritton ARK 100, Tritton gaming headphones are renewed


The gaming world is filling with headphone options to get a better, more comfortable and more immersive experience, all those attributes and more are found in the new Tritton ARK 100 gaming headphones.

Just plug and play its 3.5 mm minijack port to start enjoying the power of the Tritton ARK 100, which has a modern and ergonomic design with its monocurved line that ensures the ideal fit in long games without cause discomfort.

The Tritton ARK 100 gaming headphones need power to manage any of its three equalization modes and to activate the lighting you need a pair of AAA batteries, although the headphones can work perfectly without activating these features.

The illumination of the Tritton ARK 100 gaming headphones offers an adjustment of the colors and brightness of its LED lights, creating a more immersive experience for the player. As for the three types of equalization, you can choose between the Best mode that offers a more balanced audio experience, Bass Boost for the most demanding and Treble Boost that takes care of reinforcing the treble.

The Tritton ARK 100 They feature R-Drive technology for adjusting multiple speakers. A neodymium speaker is located on each side, which achieves a hi-fi effect with specific frequency ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz.

It has a 60-millimeter main speaker that exposes a great sound power in terms of bass and treble. While the 10-millimeter secondary speakers offer better sharpness at high frequencies.

The Tritton ARK 100 feature a unidirectional microphone with voice monitoring technology. It also has a passive mode in which the use of batteries is not required.

The Tritton ARK 100 gaming headphones are priced from 65 euros and are available in specialty stores and