Top 3 of the best tech gifts under 100 euros

Top 3 of the best tech gifts under 100 euros


Christmas arrived and with it the time of shopping and gifts. We have a whole month to choose the perfect gift for our loved ones. But since we know that work is not always easy, we bring you some useful tips so that you can find the best technological gift ideas for less than 100 euros.

And you keep in mind that the best options will always be found in the technology sector because, let’s be honest, Who doesn’t love gadgets? Today practically no one can resist the benefits of technology. In our TechDencias podcast with GizTab we have made a summary of the best technological gifts under 100 euros that we have been testing in recent weeks, and here is the podcast so you can listen to our recommendations:

Best of all, electronic devices are now available at almost any price. You don’t have to overspend to offer a nice gift. Thanks to this article you will find three incredible options for less than 100 euros. So stop help you make the best decisionWe will show you a small selection with photos and videos of the best tech gifts for Christmas under 100 euros…. Do not miss it!

hp-deskjet-3720-printer-reviews-buyAn all-in-one printer is one of those pieces of equipment that should never be missing at home. And much less if it is as small and compact as the HP DeskJet 3720. This machine prints, copies and scans with great speed. It is promoted as the ‘smallest multifunction printer in the world’ and it really is aesthetically very stylish, we are going to be perfect in any space in the house and on the desk it takes up practically no space.

One of its great advantages is its wireless connectivity, thanks to which it can be printed from mobile devices such as mobiles and tablets. Through HP printing applications the job of printing is very simple, because there are no cables to connect or install any software. You can even configure the printer through WiFi Direct and network it with your mobile to print without further complications.

Now, the HP DeskJet 3720 All-in-One Printer is designed not only to save space but also ink. The machine can save up to 70% on ink thanks to its high-yield cartridges. It is also compatible with the HP Instant Ink replacement program, so you do not have to worry about how much ink you have left, the printer will send the information to the system and when necessary, the ink replacement will arrive at home without that you make any additional order or management

Best of all: its price. This printer can be purchased for 69.90 euros. So you can get a great gift for an almost gift price too. For all these attributes we have decided that the HP DeskJet 3720 has a leading place in our list of recommendations for the best technological gifts for less than 100 euros.


This is one of the ideal tech gifts for those who cannot live disconnected. The SPC Smartee Slim It is a smartwatch that keeps you connected in a simple way. It has a 1.54-inch IPS capacitive screen with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels. It weighs 35 grams and has a battery with a capacity of 250mAh.

This accessory offers numerous functionalities and allows you to receive notifications from your mobile such as calls, text messages and WhatsApp, and Facebook. Other cool features are those that help measure physical activity such as the pedometer, stopwatch, and sleep quality measurement. Its price? Only 59.90 euros And best of all, you get it in a wide variety of colors.

Yes, as you read it: the SPC Smartee Slim has interchangeable straps, which can be purchased on SPC’s own page for a price of 14.90 euros (if they are talks) or 19.90 euros (if they are leather). It is worth noting that the bracelet with which it comes is plastic, which gives it a more sporty touch, so it may be worth buying an additional bracelet in leather or leather, to give a more elegant air, and so you give a very versatile smartwatch.


Any lover of technology you will not be able to resist this toy. Zowi is a robot designed to bring technology closer to children. Although it is a toy, it also offers a didactic function. It was chosen as the Best Connected Toy of 2016. And its main characteristic is to merge traditional fun with the use of mobile devices.

Zowi can perform various functions. He is able to walk, dance, avoid obstacles, make sounds and even make gestures with his mouth. The robot communicates and is controlled via a Bluetooth connection from the ZowiApp application. The best part is that it is a free robot, and not only in terms of its design but also in terms of its programming. Thus it is possible to carry out all kinds of projects with it. You can buy from Zowi for only 99.99 euros on the BQ website.