Tips to choose the best tablet quality - price

Tips to choose the best tablet quality – price


How to choose the best quality-price tablet? Tablets continue to be one of the devices preferred by many of us to consume content: their lightness and portability allow us to always carry a good screen with us to watch our series, movies, documents, games and much more. So here are some tips to choose the best quality-price tablet.

However, as always, not all tablets are the same: we cannot expect the same response from one that costs 40 euros to one that costs 400, and it is something that we must take into account. Therefore, we are going to see the minimum requirements that the perfect tablet must have in order to enjoy it without problems.

Best tablet size

While it is true that 7 inches is a very comfortable size to carry, we recommend a minimum of 9 “or 10”. Obviously, by having more screen we can better visualize all the content, so we have to take into account the size of the screen when it comes to choose the best tablet quality – price.

If we choose a 10 ”tablet of medium-high quality, we will not notice much difference in weight either, so we will have no problems taking it with us. In the long run we will appreciate it better and I assure you that once you try a 10 “tablet you will not want to return at 7”.

Screen quality

Also very important and related to the size of the screen, which has to do with the quality of the screen, when it comes to choose the best tablet quality – price. The current offer of series services (Netflix, HBO, Amazon video) makes many of us watch our favorites on the tablet. For this reason (and depending on the connection), we must look for the highest possible screen quality, Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels) or higher, which is the ideal resolution to be able to watch movies or series as well as other content.


Movies in Full HD, games with great graphics, etc. will require good power and performance from our tablet, so we must pay attention to this detail when it comes to choose the best tablet quality – price. If we are only going to read documents and watch HD video, we can opt for a tablet that has a two-core processor (dual-core) and a RAM from 1 GB. However, the best way to avoid future problems is to opt for a quad-core processor and 2 or 3 GB of RAM, with which we will have a machine powerful enough for any activity we want.

Processors base their power on the cores, but we must also take into account their speed: the higher the speed (in Ghz), the more power and speed in the applications. The ideal is from 2 Ghz.


Tablets, due to their size, cannot carry a large hard drive inside them, so their quantities are limited. Although in this type of devices the settings are adequate to save as much as possible, we must ask for the maximum possible storage, with 32 GB being the minimum we should look for, 64GB being the ideal when it comes to choose the best tablet quality – price.

Although the vast majority support microSD cards, we must not forget that it is in the internal memory where we will install the programs we need and on the card we will carry external contents: movies, documents, etc.

Even in a matter of microSD cards we must look at the specifications of the device before buying it. As I say, the vast majority accept storage cards, but not all support the same capacity. We must ensure that our tablet supports microSD of at least 64 GB, although, in this case, the more the better.


Only what you don’t have is valued, so it is important to prevent when we choose the best tablet quality – price. In today’s world where everything is connected, we must not skimp on connections for our tablet: WiFi and Bluetooth are, of course, essential, but we must assess other types of possibilities such as being able to insert a SIM card (for when we do not have WIFI).


It is an important condition when choosing the tablet, since normally we will spend a lot of time with this device outside the home and, therefore, we will not always have the possibility of charging it. Although it will depend on many factors such as how tight the energy consumption is, here again the amount is important. Thus, when it comes to choose the best tablet quality – price we can start to consider 7,000 or 8,000 mAh to have a battery life of about 12 hours.


We must not ignore this question: The design is as much the visual appeal of the device as the ergonomics and comfort of use when choose the best tablet quality – price. We must choose a thin and light tablet that is well designed to interact with it.