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Tim Cook was the first to test a prototype that measures glucose level through the Apple Watch

In that Apple Watch face to run as personal health assistant appears, once again, the idea of glucose meter. It has been said on other occasions that Apple is investing in the progress of new sensors for its smartwatch, among which is one capable of monitoring blood glucose.

According to American Diabetes AssociationIn the United States there are about 29.1 million people affected by this disease. Likewise, it is estimated that the figure could reach 371 million people worldwide. In that sense, if Apple finally launched this new sensor, it would be offering a simple alternative, and very useful, for people suffering from this disease.

According to recent information on CNBC, this project is in a fairly advanced stage and the project itself Apple CEO Tim Cook, would have been the first to test the prototype of such a meter.

Apparently, the sensor could be integrated into the hardware of the smartwatch, And it would be completely invisible to the user, in the same way that it happens with the current heart rate sensor. Although the first prototypes could also be developed as independent devices, that is, as a complementary accessory to the Apple Watch.

If so, Apple would continue its normal development of watch products at the same time that it could implement changes in the glucose measurement device, according to the FDA approval and regulation (body responsible for the protection of public health).

Although at the moment there is no official confirmation, everything indicates that this prototype could become a reality during the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3 the next fall.

Photograph (cc): Getty Images