This virtual reality app highlights the risk of distractions ...

This virtual reality app highlights the risk of distractions …


Technology has become a great ally of man, mainly in terms of security, an example of this is Ford virtual reality app which highlights the risk of distractions behind the wheel and has been developed in company with the Happy Finish studio; is by name Ford Reality Check.

Ford’s new virtual reality app, Reality Check, is the company’s first experience developed with Google Daydream VR. This development generates a first-person experience and it is about a distracted driver who goes by his friends on the way to a party.

There are all kinds of reckless episodes, from messages, calls and conversational passengers, a whole environment that generates the most complex conditions and that can have a fatal outcome.

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According to a study by the European Commission, more than 3,600 young people die in road accidents in Europe every year; and two out of three are drivers, statistics that became the basis for the creators of Ford Reality Check to create an educational app to help young people develop safer driving.

Jim Graham, director of Ford Driving noted “Being in a car accident is a life changing experience; And sadly, for many young people, it can end their life in a tragic way. We hope that by providing a chilling glimpse of how easily this can happen, we will encourage young people to drive in a safer way. “

There are many interruptions to which drivers are subjected in this Ford’s virtual reality app, Reality Check uses more prevalent and dangerous distractions for this age group, including those related to passengers or mobile phones.

In the app, the smartphone becomes a key interactive element in the driver’s hands and the Google Daydream manual control is a unique component of the Daydream VR platform that replicates the behavior and interactions of the virtual phone in the app.

The Ford’s virtual reality app, Reality Check, can be tested in the courses of the Ford program, Drive your Life, known as Driving Skills for Life in Europe and is expected to be available in the Google Play Store for download soon.