This is how Microsoft's Android phones will be

This is how Microsoft’s Android phones will be


Some manufacturers are reluctant to abandon the mobile segment and others simply prefer to adapt before dying, for example, we could soon see Microsoft Android phones, after having witnessed the burial of Windows Phone.

The world has already assumed two ways of looking at the smartphone sector, or you are part of the great Android, or you have an iPhone … there is no other possible alternative and proprietary systems are doomed to die, so that is why Android mobiles will be developed from Microsoft

Microsoft’s Android phones in brief

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At this moment Microsoft is developing a line of new terminals, away from Lumia and with Android as the operating system, a movement that went very well for Nokia and that now those of Redmond are trying to replicate.

It would be the first terminal to be developed by Microsoft after the death of Windows Phone, so the arrival of the Microsoft Android phones they are without a doubt a risky bet that could turn out well.

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The information of the Microsoft Android phones It comes from a report collected in Windows Latest from an employee in the Windows Store, who assured that these new terminals are already being developed by the company’s engineers and will be far from what has been done so far in the firm.

Recall that at the end of 2017 the Windows Phone operating system was canceled, which also had very little support for applications and some important ones such as WhatsApp stopped working, which without a doubt was declaring the death of this operating system.

Also, it is not surprising that they are developing Microsoft Android phones, The Redmond company had already made its apps and developments available to this operating system through the official Google store, as well as a series of services adapted from Windows 10.