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They sell a prototype of the original Apple TV on eBay

Again eBay has become a strategic place to put on sale Apple prototypes, in this case a curious prototype of the Apple tv has been put up for sale by the user called capvintronics, who has raised a total of $ 350 for his original Apple TV prototype.

apple tv prototype ebay itv

The figure reached by this device has been very low, since the seller put a fixed price on it and there was no place for users of this online auction service to place multiple bids for it. Apple TV (iTV): the first one who agreed to pay $ 350 got this Apple TV prototype.

This is the last of the Apple prototypes that are put on sale in eBay, but it is becoming quite common. It is not known how said accessory has come to the person who auctioned it, nor how it has left the offices of Manzana, but it is something that should disturb Manzana.

In the area where the status of the product is specified, Apple TV (iTV), the seller has indicated that it is a product for spare parts and that it does not work, since it has not been tested, but in the gallery of images that accompany this announcement you can see it in operation.