They create the most economical robotic arm prosthesis on the market

They create the most economical robotic arm prosthesis on the market


A Japanese company has designed a robotic prosthesis One arm with full functions for gripping objects. Its price is 90% cheaper than what a similar implant costs on the market, thanks to which it will be affordable for many more people.

The engineers behind this prosthesis have created a simple system that allows to grasp objects with ease such as the brain connection or the independent movement of each mechanical finger, without the need to use other more expensive and complex systems.

Thanks to sensors installed around the user’s arm, it is possible to detect muscle signals. Besides this, the angle of the fingers can be changed automatically depending on the degree of muscle expansion and contraction.

In order to build cheaper models, Exii has applied greater technical simplicity to its prostheses, in addition to using 3D printers to manufacture some 60 parts of the prosthesis and commonly used components such as motors and microcomputers.

Former Sony and Panasonic engineers Genta Kondo, Hiroshi Yamaura and Tetsuya Konishi designed his first prototype in 2013 called “handiii” and in 2014 they created an improved version called “handiii Coyote”. In April of this year, the company presented its latest electric arm called “HACKberry”, which won the 2015 Good Design award, held in Chicago.

This prosthesis could be developed commercially for next year, although with the aim of increasing its domestic use by 2018.