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The risk of device backups versus the use of Cloud environments

In today’s world, where information is very valuable, it is important not only to create copies of files, but to do it correctly. Not surprisingly, a survey of Kaspersky Lab and B2B International reveals that 24 percent of users who maintained Backups of their data on physical media eventually lost these copies.

Although 92 percent of respondents have acknowledged storing important information on their devices, such as private correspondence, photos, passwords or financial data, less than a third of respondents have considered performing Backups in anticipation of a possible loss of data. 29 percent of users have not taken any such security measures and 11 percent do not even intend to do so in the future.

The survey also highlights that conducting Backups files do not always guarantee their preservation. The physical storage mediadata, such as hard drives and flash drives, are the method used by 87 percent of respondents who make backup copies, while only 12 percent use cloud services. However, of those who opt for physical storage media, almost one in four users suffered a data loss irrecoverable due to loss, breakage or theft of the device.

“Adopt a systematic approach to Backups it is the best way to take care of the data. It is important to decide what information is the most valuable and to back it up regularly. The best way to keep important information safe is in encrypted folders, stored both on physical media and in a secure environment. cloud storage. This will safeguard the data, even in the event of highly unlikely events such as a global internet outage or the destruction of the building that houses the hard drive, “says Elena Kharchenko, Director of Consumer Product Management at Kaspersky Lab.