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The price of SSDs for 2015 stagnates

Storage typically accounts for 8 to 9 percent of the cost of making a laptop, according to this analyst. This has led to a progressive drop in prices for both for several years. Lower the price of the SSD and the final price of a next-generation laptop is automatically reduced. But this may be discontinued next year, in his opinion.

Thus, even if SSD prices remain the same next year, the cost per gigabyte will continue to fall, as the capacity of these same devices continues to rise, says Fang Zhang, an analyst at IHS.

However, PC manufacturers may resort to adjusting other characteristics of their equipment to reduce this final price, even if the profit margins of the computers are very narrow. For example, its price could be lowered if its DRAM capacity or screen resolutions are lowered, even if the webcam is removed.

Storage price stabilization is calculated from the density used in ultra-thin models, which will continue to increase. However, the final price of memory Teras will not fall again until 2016, says the expert who does predict a subsequent price collapse until 2018.

Manufacturers of NAND flash memory are dedicating more resources to producing SSD storage for smartphones and tablets, another reason for their price to stabilize next year. Suppliers such as Samsung and Sandisk will allocate more resources to this type of disc for ultra-thin equipment, which will reduce its price in 2016.

Meanwhile, the average price for full-size notebooks will continue to decline, according to the IHS analysis, which predicts an increasingly large transition from hard drives to SSDs, faster and with lower power consumption.

It’s news from Agam Shah, IDG News Service