Citrix DesktopPlayer improves virtualization on Macs

The new Macbook Pro could have two disk drives

the new macbook pro could have two disk drives

The next Macbook Pro might not be as skinny as we thought after the latest rumors pointing to a close-up between the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro lines. And it is that, the more than rumored removing the DVD optical drive can allow include a second drive or SSD to the professional range of notebooks Macbook and include a larger battery to increase the autonomy of the device.

These improvements, especially that of the battery, would allow better energy management if, as many rumors indicate, the line Macbook adopts Retina display just like the other mobile devices of the company have already done.

the new macbook pro could have two disk drives
already removed the optical drive from the last generation Mac mini and, after the good reception that software distribution is having through the Mac App Store, it is more than likely that those of Cupertino will give up incorporating it into their laptops. We can only wait, perhaps at World Developers Conference, to know if Manzana take advantage of the space left by the optical drive to incorporate a second disk drive, or take advantage of its elimination to permanently merge its lines Macbook Pro and Macbook Air.