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The new Kaspersky Small Office Security protects Mac OS X computers

Today, small companies are prey to the cybercriminals more and more frequently, as they generally pay less attention to the security, despite hosting increasingly valuable data. Not surprisingly, some surveys reveal that many of these companies continue to take basic protection measures, even resorting to free antimalware products, and that most want a powerful security solution, but one that is simple and easy to use. and at an affordable price. Thinking of them, Kaspersky Lab has presented the new version of Kaspersky Small Office Security, your security solution created specifically for companies with fewer than 25 employees, whose new features allow you to focus on business development, while keeping customer and employee data safe.

Kaspersky Small Office Security it is equipped with enterprise-class technologies, but has been specifically designed to meet the needs of very small businesses. Delivers the power of technology antimalware from Kaspersky Lab, protection of online transactions, cloud management, backup and password management, in an easy to use way.

This new version includes enhanced features, such as increased protection against known, unknown and advanced threats, with multi-layer protection for PCs, servers and mobile devices based on Android, Windows and Mac; a new cloud-based management console, which allows business owners or their IT managers to easily manage the security of their computers and devices from anywhere, using the web browser; a new cloud-based password manager, which stores company passwords and allows users to have a unique password for each site and on all devices; and financial data security, which protects online business and personal transactions from financial fraud. This includes improvements to the ‘Safe Money’ module.