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The iPad Air 2 outperforms many of today’s laptops

The iPad Air 2 It is probably the most powerful tablet on the market within the models in its category with a screen size of this type. Apple has used in its configuration the new A8X chip with ARM architecture, a real workhorse to greatly enhance the work possibilities of the tablet. The chip has been manufactured with the 20 nanometer manufacturing process, and inside, it has 3 billion transistors, a far cry from the 2 billion of the A8 chip that is used in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. To get an idea, we make a comparison against the chip Intel Core M-5Y70, the last dual-core that has been announced for tablets, and we see that it has only 1.3 trillion transistors compared to the 3 trillion of the A8X. Intel’s model amazingly optimizes energy efficiency to consume just 4.5 watts of TDP value, making it perfect for very compact and lightweight systems. Its manufacturing process has been optimized down to 14 nanometers.

Apple is clearly committed to powering its iPad Air tablet with the processor that also shares the graphics core of GPU. In this sense, it turns out to be up to 2.5 times faster than the predecessor model present in the previous iPad, in addition to balancing the autonomy of the device to a better extent. The main A8X CPU now has the support of 2 GB of RAM memory, 1 GB more than the new iPhone 6, which speeds up certain tasks that we usually handle daily, such as the use of various tabs under the Web browser, updating a lot before the information of each tab.

In the absence of carrying out the first initial tests on its performance, there are many specialized media that already affirm that the power of the new iPad Air 2 it is superior to that of the MacBook Air notebooks of the year 2011. It goes without saying with respect to other notebooks of past generations. And all in a device with a 9.7-inch touch screen whose weight is 437 grams and thickness of just 6.1 millimeters. Accompanied by an appropriate keyboard, we can perfectly simulate the environment of a laptop, with the power offered by the tablet for countless tasks that we usually perform on a daily basis and for which it is not necessary to resort to desktop computers.

Manzana intends to continue increasing the number of tablets iPad sold, turning the new model into a work tool to replace the traditional computer. The vast majority of us know the advantages of high availability of mobile devices and of being able to carry the main work device with us everywhere. Now, Manzana wanted to strengthen its performance and power so that the average user will find more reasons to use their tablet, especially within the most professional field.