Microsoft confirms Office for iOS

The iOS 6.1 update will allow the purchase of cinema tickets with Siri in the US.

the update to ios 6.1 will allow the purchase of movie tickets in the us

The process of purchase of this tickets it will be very simple. Once we ask Siri by movie tickets in contract and this informs us of the passes and the cinemas in which it will be projected, the user may select the specific pass and finalize the purchase through the Fandango app which, if not installed on the device, will appear in the interface of Siri for download.

Apple has already introduced new features in the latest version of iOS (iOS 6) which has been available since last September when it was presented with the iPhone 5 (such as sports scores, restaurant reservations, etc.) the problem is that the databases it works with are usually optimized for the US market and many of these services are little or not developed in other European countries, such as Spain.