The Galaxy S10 Family Obtains Security Qualification From ...

The Galaxy S10 Family Obtains Security Qualification From …


Samsung announces that all devices in the Galaxy S10 family, the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10 5G, have received security qualification from the National Cryptological Center (CCN). This qualification means that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the first 5G device in the world that has passed this security assessment.

Samsung continues to be the only manufacturer with equipment qualified by the CCN, and in keeping with its commitment to the privacy and security of its customers, it continues to add more devices to the Catalog of Information and Communication Technologies Security Products, supervised by the CCN.

“One of the main concerns of the user is the security of their mobile device, for this reason we take it as a fundamental value in the design and manufacture of our Smartphones.” Celestino García, Corporate Vice President of Samsung Electronics, affirms. “We are the only manufacturer that has passed this security evaluation, and with the addition of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G we already have equipment prepared to use 5G technology, maintaining the highest security standards in the market”

Celestino García, Corporate Vice President of Samsung Electronics.

To this list must be added all the models of the Galaxy S8 terminals, Galaxy S9, Besides of Galaxy Note 8, All being suitable for use in systems aligned with the High Level of the National Security Scheme (ENS).

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Galaxy S10 5G further elevates the experience of Galaxy S10, with speeds up to 20 times higher than conventional 4G networks, combined with its 6.7-inch Infinity-O screen with Dynamic AMOLED technology, it will allow the highest productivity in a mobile device seen to date, without compromising security at any time of the device, thanks to the security platform Samsung Knox, Samsung’s platform integrated into the hardware and software of each device.

The CCN is a body attached to the National Intelligence Center (CNI), which fulfills, among others, the function of certification body of the National Scheme for the Evaluation and Certification of Information Technology Security (ENECSTI) for products, technological and information systems and services used in its field.

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