The Galaxy Note 9 has the best screen seen in a ...

The Galaxy Note 9 has the best screen seen in a …


In addition to having one of the best cameras and a rather elegant design, the Galaxy Note 9 has the best screen on the market. And it is not an opinion of GizTab, it is the title that DisplayMate has given, a reference in the world of honeycombs, to the new Samsung flagship and one of the reasons why it is one of the best mobiles to buy in 2018.

DisplayMate is a firm dedicated to screen evaluation and noted that last year the Note 8 panel was the best at the time, but then it evolved into newer S-series members, until finally the Galaxy Note 9 has the best display of the market according to its ranking.

Galaxy Note 9 screen: The best on the market

The note9's S Pen allows you to take selfies, group images, present slides, pause, play music, and more with just one click.

According to the DisplayMate evaluation, the Galaxy Note 9 has the best screen, Cnet points out in Spanish, because its 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel has the color coverage, brightness and viewing angles necessary for a screen to be qualified in such a way and no other device on the market, in its opinion, it possesses those qualities.

Among the tests performed by DisplayMate to determine that the Galaxy Note 9 has the best screen, It was known that this new panel is 27 percent brighter than the Note 8, and it also has 32 percent more contrast at maximum brightness than its predecessor.

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Main features of the Galaxy Note9Samsung Galaxy Note9 infographic

The Galaxy Note 9 has a maximum brightness of 1,050 nits on its panel, a point in favor of its predecessor that achieved 1,200 nits, something that in practical terms when reproducing an image can be evaluated differently, since it achieves 710 nits and is above the Galaxy S9 and Note 8 in that regard.

Many are the aspects that complement the fact that the Galaxy Note 9 has the best display, for example its robust version of 8GB of RAM and its new 4,000 mAh battery with fast and wireless charging that makes this terminal a leader in the high range.